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Dr. Fontes, local Miami Vet


About Our Clinic

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We Love Our Clients


What Pet Owners Say

"Very Professional"

I visited this place with my dog Sofia on July 31 2019, because she had pain and digestive problem. The staff was very lovely with my pet, attentive, quick service and very professional. The treatment was very effective. I recommend to go to this clinic with your pet.

"Great Service"

I brought my little doggie Princess to this clinic for an offer that I found in the flyer of dental cleaning. The staff and doctor were very kind and sweet to my dog and gave me a peace of mind knowing she would be in good care. Definitely coming back for annual check up. Highly recommend Dr Fontes to all my friends

"Kind & Loving"

Dr Fontes is a very courteous, knowledgeable and caring vet. I have 4 adorable dogs and she has been their vet for years. I trust her 100%. She recently diagnosed my eldest with Cushing and with the treatment she prescribed he is doing fabulous. I would recommend her to anyone who cares for their furry children.

- Vila M.


WOW. I’ve been left speechless by the professionalism and quality of work and work ethic the doctors at this clinic have. I walked in with no appointment as an emergency visit. My 16 year old chihuahua fell and dislocated her jaw and as a result had 4 loose teeth. They resolved the problem and had my senior pup feeling better in a matter of 10 minutes. Can’t say thank you enough for the amazing service I received today. 100% coming back.

- Michelle B.

- Marina E.

- Collazo D.

"Love it"

"Great Staff"

I love this place, I drive 45 minutes out here because the staff is incredible. I appreciate them so much, and will be returning.

- Jaylene M.

There's a difference between a great staff and Fontes' Staff. This guys are simply way beyond exceptional customer service could be described. I've my dog Rio really sick, it's only 2 years old, very vital and happy mixed breed male dog, but out of the blue he got sick with what it seems to be a chondrosarcoma. After spend ridiculous amount of money in clinics, ER and procedures, they were professional enough to let me know the truth about what was happening. Sometimes life is hard with humans and as well as for our beloved pets. But having someone who really cares is more than comforting, and they really care. Thanks Dr Yoleidy and Dr Alain for your services. I'm in debt with you guys forever.

- Hecney R.

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